“Glory Crown International Fellowship.”
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OUR VISION AND DESIRES                                                                                                           

  1. We desire  to be a fellowship of believers focused on intimacy with God through Jesus Christ. We are a prophetic people ministering our Father's heart, equipping others and releasing the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  2. We desire to manifest the presence and fruit of the Holy Spirit, by walking and living as ambassadors of heaven on earth. We are called to exhibit radical faith as we impact nations until Christ's return.
  3. We desire as international fellowship of believers, above all else, to glorify the Head of the Church, our Lord Jesus Christ.
  4. We desire to honour God through our tithes and offerings. Why does God require tithes and offerings from His people? Some would say it is to maintain His Church and do His work in the earth. While it is true that those funds are used for that purpose, that is not why God requires them. He could easily supernaturally finance the work of the Church. Tithes and offerings are not a need issue. They are not even a money issue. Tithes and offerings are an honour issue. It is the method that God has chosen that we may express honour to Him and that He, in turn, because of our gifts, may schedule a harvest of honour and provision back to us. You can respect the Lord with attitudes and words but honour must be demonstrated with a gift.

    Prov. 3: 9,10  “Honour the Lord with thy substance, and with the first fruits of  all thine increase: so shall thy barns be filled with plenty, and thy presses shall burst out with new wine.”
  5. We desire to be a local representation of the head of the Church, Jesus Christ, reflecting the fact that God is a refuge, a loving and protective Father who desires to restore us into the fullness of our salvation.
  6. We desire to be a people through whom Jesus can make Himself known to the lost of our generation. Our heart is to become a group of believers who will proclaim Him in the marketplace as well as in the nations.
  7. We desire to be a place where the Holy Spirit has the freedom to lead us on all of the pathways that God has prepared for us.
  8. We desire to see God’s people fully function in all of the gifts, as well as in the calling for which each individual was created.
  9. We desire to see God’s Church destroy the works of satan as we advance His Kingdom above our own and become the Bride Jesus deserves!

To fulfill these Desires, Glory Crown shall;


  1. Provide services of worship at which the Word of God is preached and the sacraments are administered.
    1. Provide pastoral care and assist all members to participate in this ministry.
    2. Challenge, equip, and support all members in carrying out their calling to discipleship in their daily lives and in their congregation.
  2. Teach the Word of God.
    1. Witness to the reconciling Word of God in Christ, reaching out to all people.
    2. Respond to human need, work for justice and peace, care for the sick and the suffering, and participate responsibly in society.

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